Sewing and quilting are truly an art form. It takes time, dedication, and talent to craft something beautiful. By focusing on each stitch and fabric square, your piece truly becomes a work of art. If you’re a seasoned seamstress or quilter, you know how much power steam and ironing hold in the look and feel of your project. One of the goals of Laurastar is to exceed expectations. From fabric prep to applying the finishing touches to your project, Laurastar’s innovative products can take your piece to the next level.

The First Step is Always Prep

Taking the time to steam or iron your fabric prior to stitching can allow the fabric to be easier to work with. When the material is crisp and flat, you’ll be able to get more precise with piecing. Whether you prefer steaming or ironing prior to starting, the Laurastar Lift would be an optimal choice. Designed as a 3-in-1 steam generator, Lift does it all; irons, steams, and purifies. Additionally, the perfect temperature for all fabrics has already been set, so all you need to worry about is which setting you want.

Don’t Forget the Final Touches

While taking the time to sew or quilt can be quite therapeutic, there is something special about wrapping up a project. With all the time and effort, you put into your craft, make it shine by adding the final touches with Laurastar.

Purify and refresh. Ensure a fresh and sanitized garment or quilt by utilizing IGGI. This handheld steamer uses Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) to naturally kill viruses and bacteria deep within fibers without the use of chemicals. Additionally, the IGGI will refresh your textiles and eliminate odors.

Seal in the beauty. The final step is completely steaming and/or ironing your piece. Removing any wrinkles will make the beauty of your creation shine. Any Laurastar product will be able to help you complete your project. An ironing system or Lift can be the perfect machine to focus on each seam and inch of fabric your piece. With IGGI’s portability and quickness, it’s the ideal companion for quick touchups when you’re away from your project space.