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IGGI - Intense Red

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IGGI is a hygienic handheld steamer that steams and unwrinkles clothes at high pressure thoroughly beautifying even the most delicate fabrics in only a few seconds. It also disinfects all fabrics and objects. The hygienic Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) naturally kills 99.9% of viruses (including the coronavirus) and bacteria present throughout the household without the use of any chemicals. The IGGI is a unique 2-in-1 device that both removes wrinkles from textiles and sanitizes clothes, surfaces, and objects. Designed to be used with distilled water and descaled once a month using Laurastar IGGI Descaling Solution.

  • Wrinkle-free in half the time: 2x faster results compared to other handheld steamers
  • 15x faster steam, 100% fewer wrinkles
  • Refresh textiles and eliminate odors in your textiles
  • Disinfects without the use of chemicals
  • Portable and long-lasting quality - Swiss engineering
  • Ideal for all fabrics, even the most delicate, leaving a dry finish for lasting results
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Included Accessories
  • gant

    Heat-resistant glove for better, more comfortable, safe steaming.

  • bouteille

    The IGGI refill bottle can carry 100 ml of water. The auto-stop function allows you to fill the device with the exact quantity of water required.

  • sac.png

    Small bag to protect and carry IGGI for easy on-the-go use.


    Constant steam pressure: 56 PSI

    Device power: 850 W


    Water tank capacity: 3 ounces

    Distilled water preferred

    Special descaler available


    Dimensions (H x L x W) 10 x 4.3 x 4.3 in

    Length of power cable: 71 in

    Weight: 2.2 lb







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  • 5
    Laurastar IGGI Handheld Steamer

    Posted by O Crawley on Dec 20th 2021

    I'd been needing something for easy wrinkle-removal and this steamer just might be the best investment I've made this year. It feels solid and high quality. Plus, I love great aesthetics so the deep red color and clean design lines are appealing. The set-up is easy and straightforward; the water-fill bottle is designed with a nozzle that custom fits into the steamer and prevents spilling. Once you pour the water in the steamer, you just plug it in and it takes about 2 minutes to be ready for steaming. It’s easy to hold and once it was ready, I unlocked the steam function. When I pressed the nozzle, the steam came out in a nice full mist like you might see from a professional service. Because my blouse is made from thin material, I was worried it might get damaged or soaked. But it stayed dry even when I got close with the steamer. After I was done, I tried to unscrew the cap from the steamer because I wanted to pour out the remaining water, but couldn't get it off. I was getting frustrated and then saw there was a tiny knob sticking up from the cap. I checked the manual and learned it's a safety knob that prevents you from opening the steamer while it's too hot. Once it cools down, the knob automatically lowers which is your sign that it's safe to unscrew. So basically, the steamer was trying to KEEP ME SAFE. Lol The only thing that would have made the experience better was more information about how much water is needed to completely fill up the steamer. But overall, I love it! Definitely feels like a higher-end steamer that will last.

  • 4
    LOVE this steamer!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 20th 2021

    I recently got my IGGI and absolutely love it! I have a LAURASTAR Lift Plus, and find that my IGGI has the same powerful steam. I recently used the steamer to get creases out of bridesmaid dresses at a wedding - no problem. The only thing I do not like at this point is that there is a 30-minute wait time before you can refill the water. I love all my LAURASTAR machines!