Here at Laurastar, we pride ourselves on creating and providing innovative solutions for your textiles and home. With a variety of products available, there is something ideal for just about anyone. From the sewist to the cleaning enthusiasts, there’s a Laurastar product made to help you achieve what you’re after. To help us demonstrate that, we’ve rounded up a few of our influencers to show how they use their system to the fullest.

For the Cleaning Enthusiast



Are you someone that loves a good spring clean or pulling freshly laundered sheets from the dryer? If a deep clean sans chemicals is what you’re searching for, look no further than IZZI Plus! This textile and hygienic steamer efficiently and naturally steams all types of fabric and disinfects your home. @neat.caroline takes it to mattresses, pillows, curtains, door knobs, and more!

“The IZZI [Plus] is just a really good all around solution for disinfecting your home…this is your go-to so you won’t have to constantly clean your home with chemicals. Instead you can use actual water to disinfect your home.” Caroline of @neat.caroline

For the Parent Juggling It All



Keeping a home clean and orderly can be quite the task with little ones, especially during the toddler stage! Whether it’s removing a mysterious odor in the couch cushions or sanitizing all the touch points sticky hands can reach, IGGI is multifaceted and is portable, so it can help anywhere, anytime. Additionally, IGGI can purify your space by helping remove dust mites and other allergens to help your entire family breathe easier. 

“It effectively removes allergens like pollen and dust mites. SO grateful for that in our home, ESPECIALLY since I have a little guy in our home that struggles breathing that can be triggered from the littlest things.” - Danielle of Today’s The Best Day

For the Sewist

Smart U

If you’re a sewist or quilter, you know how important a quality iron is for your projects from start to finish. Whether it’s making fabric easier to work with or making your creation shine, the Smart U is a fabulous addition to your workshop. Anastasia of Sew Anastasia knows a thing or two about fabric and sewing, so we’ll let her share her feelings on one of our most innovative products!

“I kind of just want to start ironing for fun now, because it is so easy and cool to watch those wrinkles come right out! That’s right, I said ironing for fun.” - Anastasia of Sew Anastasia


For the Fashionista


For the ones that have a passion for fashion or just a passion for caring for their clothing, Lift was made for you! This 3-in-1 steam generator helps avoid creases, while offering exceptional steaming and ironing capabilities. Additionally, purifying clothing items has never been easier than with the Lift and Laurastar’s Dry Microfine Steam (DMS). Save time and money by avoiding the dry cleaners when you have Lift on by side. Whether you’re sewing a perfect summer dress like @keechiibstyle or looking to make your clothing standout like @whatgracebought_ , Lift is as gentle or as tough as it needs to be!

“This 3 in 1 Iron, steamer and purifier makes getting wrinkles out of your clothes so efficient. It works so well on thicker fabrics like a suit jacket or thin fabrics like a sheer dress.” - Grace of @whatgracebought_


“I recently created this cute little summer dress from one of my favorite fabrics, viscose. But if you ever worked with viscose, you know how delicate the fabric is and how easily it can wrinkle. ❤️ Laurastar’s Lift Plus with dual steaming and ironing capabilities provides a smooth professional finish and provides a Protective 3D soleplate for delicate fabrics like this viscose print.” - Marcia of @keechiibstyle


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