Laurastar stays true to one principle: helping you make ironing easier, faster, and more fun. The Swiss engineers and designers have a constant quest to improving the ironing experience with its products.

Since the company was founded, Laurastar's designers have been in constant exchange with our customers understanding their needs and optimizing the design and performance of products. Over the last 40 years, this constant innovation process has led to today’s outstanding and rewarded product portfolio.

The result is not only beautiful and elegant products, but most importantly, the best possible ergonomics and performance for their customers. 

Made for left and right handers

Have you ever seen an iron made for left-handed people? Probably not! All Laurastar irons symmetrical designed - therefore can be used with either hand (left or right) -a huge advantage especially for left-handed people that otherwise have to iron with an iron that is designed for right-handed use

Even Distribution of Steam

When you buy a new iron, one of the marketing/sales arguments you might see, is the amount of holes in the soleplate – you might think the more, the better?

Actually, it is the opposite! The fewer the better.

A professional iron always only has a few steam holes and they are located in the front of the iron.

Why? The few holes help to concentrate the steam pressure that penetrates deep into your fabric and loosens the fibers. Once the fibers are loosened with the steam, the back half of the iron functions as heating/flattening element that will set the now dry fibers in place. 

If your iron has steam holes also in the back, this process cannot be done properly. You just add a lot of steam and humidity to your fabric. Wrinkles will come back once the fabric will dry.

Even Distribution of Pressure

Most household irons are built very bulky. They must contain the water reservoir, heating element, steam chamber and many other parts. This leads to a design that is cumbersome.

When you put pressure on your iron at home, the weight is distributed very unevenly. Most off the pressure goes to the back of the iron, requiring you to push even harder down to get wrinkles out of your textiles.

LAURASTAR irons are designed to have a central/even distribution of you pressure onto the fabric.

As shown in the illustration, you can see how and why. The pressure you put on the iron get distributed evenly over the whole surface of the iron. (Not just on the back like a regular iron) 

Ergonomically Shaped and Lightweight

Many people cannot iron for a long period or have difficulties or even pain when ironing just for a few minutes. Traditional irons are heavy and are not ergonomically designed. People suffering from carpal tunnel or arthritis often feel pain when using their traditional iron.

Laurastar has studied the human hand and found the most ergonomic design for the handle and positioning of buttons.

In addition, because the water is stored and heated in the boiler separate from the actual iron, Laurastar irons are much lighter than traditional irons. Making it possible to iron and press clothes for a much longer and comfortable time. 

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