Hosting for the holidays can be a joy but at times feel overwhelming, mainly when cleaning and preparation are involved! When it comes to getting your home ready for welcoming visitors, there are ways to combat feelings of anxiety and make cleaning more efficient (and enjoyable!) We’re breaking down six ways to set yourself up for holiday guest prep success!

Make It Manageable

Instead of focusing on cleaning the whole house, break your tasks out. Whether that’s by room or cleaning need, having these broken out will allow you to focus on the task at hand. A checklist never hurts either!

Focus On High Traffic Areas

Spending extra time on the rooms guests will spend the most time in is key. The three main locations being the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Ensure these areas are where you focus your energy as they will be used by all. It’s a great time to wipe down the stove, dust, as well as vacuum and mop. 

Tackle Odors

Whether it’s an older home or a four-legged friend, make sure you’re removing unpleasant odors from couch cushions, bedding, and curtains. The IGGI is a great tool for sanitizing and eliminating unpleasant smells from textiles without the use of chemicals.

Keep Fresh Bedding and Towels On Hand

Do yourself a favor and launder sheets and towels prior to guests arriving. These items tend to pile up fast and the more clean items you have on hand, the better! 

Be Mindful of Scents

Your favorite candle or room spray may be an irritant to one of your guests. Instead of using strongly perfumed items to bring a fresh scent in, opt to leverage essential oils or create a simmer pot to offer a light and natural scent.

Create the Ultimate Guest Room

The guest room is your guests’ home away from home, so it’s nice to keep helpful items in the room. An extra phone charger, face wipes, a steamer or even a single-cup coffee maker is a thoughtful touch to any spare room. 

Remember, your main goal is to create an inviting place for your guests. Take the stress out of preparation and focus on the fun to be had all together! With the help of Laurastar’s innovative products, your cleaning time can be more efficient and yes, even more enjoyable. Happy hosting!