Have you ever packed for a weekend getaway and found that you can’t zip your suitcase? We’ve been there before. The culprit is usually a few ‘just-in-case’ outfits that never get worn. You probably won’t need 5 different pairs of pants, but why risk it, right?

While working to eliminate overpacking is a big key to success, there are a few more ‘hacks’ that can help you utilize your bag more effectively. So, say goodbye to sitting on your bag to close it and read on for packing tips to get the most out of your weekend bag.

Roll Your Clothing

Folding your clothes may not give you as much space in your suitcase as you think. Instead, roll your clothing to create a stackable space saver! This allows for the clothes to utilize less space and will reduce the amount of wrinkles.

Utilize Packing Cubes

Take packing a step further with packing cubes. This easily creates compartments in your suitcase so everything has a designated spot. This will also allow for clothing, accessories, and toiletries to be both separated out and accessible.

Take the Essentials Only

As we mentioned earlier, more times than not we overpack. Packing the essentials while traveling not only saves space, but also makes getting ready a no brainer. Opt for pieces that can be easily be mixed and matched to create a new daily look. HOT TIP: while packing, ask yourself, do I really need this floor length gown for a weekend of sightseeing?

Don’t Leave Behind IGGI

For unexpected wrinkles, sanitizing, and purifying, pack IGGI. It’s been purposely designed to be compact enough to travel while packing serious power. Effortlessly refresh clothing and remove wrinkles, odors, and more with IGGI’s Dry Micro Fine Steam (DMS).

Choose the Right Bag

Weekender bags have come a long way from a basic duffel. Choosing a bag with built in compartments is a great way to get the most out of packing. Bags with zipper bottoms are great for storing shoes, dirty clothes, or even your handheld steamer.

A few tweaks to your packing routine can make all the difference when it comes to packing efficiently. Keep it simple! What is one of your favorite packing tips?

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