Sometimes we need extra time in between ironing or pressing. Especially quilters or seamstresses often go back and forth between sewing and pressing. When you come back to your iron and it turned off because of the safety feature, waiting for it to be ready, can be annoying. That is why Laurastar equipped all new Lifts and Smart irons with a Dual Shut-Off Mode.

10-Minute Auto Shut-Off Mode

As a safety feature, by default, Laurastar irons are programmed to automatically turn off after 10 minutes of in inactivity.

NEW Permanent-On Mode

If you don't want your iron to turn off automatically, the new Laurastar Lift, Lift Plus, and Lift Xtra, as well as Smart I and U are now equipped with the Permanent-On Mode.

By pressing the “ON” button for 10 second when turning the iron on (the iron lights will flash), your iron will be set to Permanent-On Mode. Your iron will not turn off! (Unless you turn it off.)

It is the user’s responsibility to turn off the iron after use. Also remember, LAURASTAR irons are household appliances and not designed to be permanently on every day.

My iron spits water when I come back after 10 minutes. Why?

This is completely normal and has to do with physics. The hot steam left in the hose will cool down after a certain time and start to condensate—the condensation results in the formation of water drops inside the hose. When resuming with ironing, these water drops get spit out first and can result in watermarks on your fabric.

The Solution:

When you resume ironing, you should always spray out the steam to the side and blow out any water particles that have built up. After 2-3 seconds, all water drops are out and you can resume to steam and press on the ironing board without any water marks on the fabric.

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