Meet IZZI PLUS; a garment and hygienic steamer that has been designed to efficiently and naturally steam textiles (yes, that includes the most delicate ones!) and surfaces. With this newest steam generator from Laurastar, a proper introduction was in order! Let’s meet the latest:

IZZI PLUS owes its performance to its powerful steam generator, its hygienic Dry Microfine Steam (DMS), its DMS Steamer with an aluminum soleplate and to each and every one of its accessories which have been specially designed to simplify your life and make caring for your garments and home easy and enjoyable. This steam generator has been designed to tackle anything from fabric projects to sanitizing the home. We understand that needs aren’t one-size-fits-all and a product that is as multipurpose as they come was needed!

What Can It Do?

Let’s focus on textiles first. IZZI PLUS can handle even the most delicate of fabrics, so there’s no need to worry! IZZI PLUS has the ability to gently remove creases on a variety of fabrics; from outfits to soft furnishings like sheets and curtains. For our quilters and sewists out there, with the power of Laurastar’s DMS, while you’re steaming, you’re actually sanitizing as well! This is a great way to refresh a garment, but also purify upcycled fabrics.

Now, we know that fabrics and textiles are woven through (see what we did there?) our everyday life. Taking the IZZI PLUS to these items in your home allows for them to be disinfected and fresh. With little hands and paws leaving their mark around the house, the DMS eliminates microorganisms and pesty insects found on surfaces, objects, and fabrics and limits the risks of infections, and relieves allergies. IZZI PLUS actually can remove >99.999% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, while reducing odors. Steam your mattress, pillows, sofa, rugs, countertops, changing tables, and more! IZZI Plus is ready to take it all on.

How To Use

This trustworthy and handy device removes wrinkles from all textiles in the blink of an eye while evenly disinfecting smooth, porous and fibrous materials in less than 5 seconds. All that is required is for you to touch the material directly using the DMS Steamer with the corresponding guard attached. Horizontal or vertical, the way in which you steam or disinfect your items is up to you. Its power and speed allow it to reach all corners of an object and penetrate deep within the fibers in record-breaking time. IZZI PLUS’ water filter cartridge system located on the removable water tank helps to avoid the build-up of lime scale, allows you to use water straight from the tap and provides a simple, effective and continuous solution to disinfecting.

To make life in the steaming department even easier, the IZZI Cart is now available to pair with your IZZI Plus! This cart helps facilitate wrinkle removal and disinfection with complete ease.

The IZZI PLUS and IZZI Cart are both now available to purchase on

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