Maintaining optimal performance and sanitation of your Laurastar product is simple when you know what to do. While our steaming and ironing products are built to last, a little TLC can go a long way! Laurastar provides products that leverage water and high heat to create a powerful Dry Microfine Steam to care for items throughout your home and while a stellar and chemical-free solution, water left behind can result in scaling and a less effective product.

Here are four maintenance tips to keep your product working like new. 

Clean the Iron

If the iron’s soleplate is dirty, use theSoleplate Cleaning Mat in accordance with the instructions. Stubborn stains can also be cleaned using an abrasive dishwashing sponge. After completing this operation, wipe the soleplate with a damp cloth to remove any residue.

Use Appropriate Water

Laurastar products can be used with regular tap water. However, if you only have access to well water or water that includes a softener, we recommend using bottled spring water.

Replace the Filter

Filters and granules are designed to keep your Laurastar product happy and healthy by keeping the right minerals in the water while removing unnecessary ones.

For products that use a filter, a filter button will light up to signal that it’s time to be replaced. If your product uses granules, you’ll know it’s time to change when no charcoal color is left.

Rinse System Once a Month

For products like the S PURE Xtra, rinsing out the boiler once a month helps to prevent mineral buildup. While it can sound daunting, it’s actually very simple! This helpful video will show you exactly what to do in just two minutes!

If you’re looking for more in-depth care instruction for your product, our Maintenance Library is available below for each Laurastar product.

Maintenance Library

Looking to understand how to maintain your Laurastar product? Find your product in the list below to follow an informational video.




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