Contrary to popular belief, simply turning on your iron and wiggling it around the board won’t make your clothing or textiles look crisp. There is actually a correct way to iron and tips to make the process easier, enjoyable, and more importantly, effective.

Whether you’re a proud owner of a Laurastar ironing system, handheld steamer, or use a traditional iron, the following tips can make your press work stand out!

Follow Manufacturer Instructions

When in doubt, check the manufacturer tag. Ensuring you’re following the care instructions of your garment or material is imperative to keeping it intact and looking beautiful.

Use Correct Temperature

Ironing on the wrong heat setting can destroy your pieces. If you work with a traditional iron, group garments together based on temperature to ensure you’re not only ironing effectively but efficiently. However, if you’re working with a Laurastar ironing system, you can take comfort in knowing your iron has been designed with the ideal temperature setting in mind. No grouping or guesswork is needed!

Iron Inside Out

Fabric puckering is quite common when it comes to ironing. You can combat this by setting your garment up for success! Simply flip your piece inside out to iron cuffs, seams, and hems. You’ll get a crisp and smooth press every time!

Work on Your Technique

When pressing your clothes, do so in long, straight motions. With motions moving in all directions, you may find your clothing to be wrinkled or creased in the wrong places.

Hang or Fold ASAP

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Promptly after ironing, be sure to hang or fold your piece to prevent wrinkles.

Whether you’re just learning how to iron or are seasoned behind the ironing board, we hope these tips help you beautify your clothing!

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