Cleaning can often feel like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be a chore you dread. With a little motivation and a plan in place, you can turn cleaning into a productive and even enjoyable experience!

Follow along as we explore four ways to tap into that motivation to clean your space.

1. Make a Physical List to Cross Off

One of the simplest and most effective ways to boost your motivation to clean is to create a checklist. The act of writing down specific cleaning tasks and crossing them off as you complete them is one of the greatest feelings, wouldn’t you agree? It not only helps you stay organized but also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Don’t be afraid to break your tasks into smaller to-dos. Instead of writing ‘clean the kitchen,’ opt to add ‘wipe countertops,’ and ‘clean the fridge,’ to your list to avoid the tasks feeling overwhelming. 

2. Turn on Tunes

Music has a magical way of lifting your spirits and energizing you. Create a cleaning playlist filled with your favorite upbeat songs or tracks that make you want to move. Dancing around while you clean can make the time fly by and add an element of fun to the process.

If music doesn’t motivate you, allow this time to be an opportunity to catch up on your favorite podcast or start a new audiobook. Having something else to focus on while cleaning makes the tasks go by fast and maybe even a little more enjoyable! 

3. Create a Reward System

Rewarding yourself for completing cleaning tasks is an excellent way to stay motivated. Think of it as a little incentive to keep you going. The key is to choose rewards that you genuinely look forward to. Whether that’s a dessert treat, lounging on the couch with your favorite movie, or grabbing a coffee out, set your sights on something small that will motivate you. 

4. Use Laurastar IZZI Plus to Purify and Do Laundry

Incorporating innovative cleaning tools can make the process more efficient. The Laurastar IZZI Plus is a textile and hygienic steamer that efficiently and naturally steams your clothes and disinfects your home with the power of Dry Microfine Steam (DMS).

Adding it to your cleaning routine can help sanitize and disinfect high touchpoints, countertops, clothing, linens, and more.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be something you dread. Start small, have fun, and use tools that help make your life easier!