Hi everyone! I’m BERNINA Expert Amanda Murphy and I wanted to introduce you to the newest addition to my sewing space, the Laurastar Smart U Ironing System. Lots of people have written to me asking about my experience using the Laurastar, so I thought I’d write a series of posts on WeAllSew. There will be three posts: one centered on using it for fabric preparation and household tasks, the second for piecing and appliqué, and the third for finishing quilts.

Laurastar Smart U full ironing system

I honestly don’t think was is possible for someone to be more excited about an ironing system. (This is how you know you are a true quilter BTW.) We’re all staying at home like everyone else and I must say that my level of excitement was greeted with some eye rolls from skeptics around here, especially since they all know that I’m WAY more into quilting than household chores. They have now eaten their words though because the iron makes me happy and the amount of steam it can produce is amazing!

A week after the iron arrived, I received about a hundred yards of fabric from my new collection, Crescendo, that ships to shops in August. (I’ll put a sneak peek of that for you guys at the bottom of this post.) And I wisely noted, “What a great opportunity to try out my new ironing system while watching Masterpiece Theater! (This was greeted by more eye rolls but I was serious—we all need silver linings right now!) After washing I dried the fabric until just slightly damp, and then I ironed it selvage to selvage like it comes off a bolt. But with the Laurastar Smart U I could iron through both layers AT ONE TIME! I like to use the Sens-Steam feature when ironing yardage because it applies steam whenever I am moving the iron forward on the fabric, so it is easy even when ironing for hours. And I like the board in blow-mode for yardage because it helps stretch out the wrinkles on the underside of the fabric.

Laurastar Smart U ironing system in use

Laurastar Smart U ironing system boiler controls

Activating the Sens-Steam feature

Did I mention I can even iron through multiple layers in one step, which is something I have not been able to do before? So think about a stack of fat quarters. I can iron several layers at a time so that I can begin piecing sooner.

Laurastar Smart U ironing system in use

Any persistent creases are wiped out by steaming and then applying heat with the iron. No need to keep a plastic spray bottle full of water at hand anymore!

Laurastar Smart U ironing system removing wrinkles

Even with a lot of steam, the water lasts a long time! With over a hundred of yards of fabric I only had to fill the water reservoir three times—and you can use regular tap water! Plus, there is a filter in the reservoir, so I don’t have to worry about stains from the water getting on the fabric.

Laurastar Smart U ironing system water tank

The Laurastar Smart U also can be used as a powerful steamer for garments.

Laurastar Smart U ironing system sanitizing

The sanitizing feature is great for quilts that travel and for general household use—that feature is especially applicable right now. It kills 99.999% of bacteria, dust mites, and fungi.

I made a video showing all of my favorite Laurastar Smart U features you can see here:

I’ll be back here on WeAllSew to talk about my favorite features for piecing and appliqué.

And now for a sneak peek of my new line, Crescendo, which was going to show at Spring Quilt Market and will ship to shops in August.

If you love it please consider asking your local shop to order Crescendo from Contempo of Benartex.

In the meantime stay safe and healthy, quilting friends!


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