Did you know that you can sanitize surfaces throughout your home with your Laurastar steam iron?

Steam away germs, bacteria, mites or fungi in your home to provide a healthier environment for your family. Invest in the health and safety of your family by using LAURASTAR’s Hygienic Steam to sanitize fabrics from the Corona-Virus.

The CDC and other experts advise taking extra steps to keep your home free of germs. Not only to prevent illness but also to keep it from spreading if someone is already sick. With LAURASTAR steam irons, you can simply decontaminate clothes or masks after each time they are exposed without harming them. A simple, efficient and fast routine. 

Heat treatment has proven to be effective in killing all sorts of germs, particularly in areas where you may not be able to use detergent. Items like upholstered furniture, quilts, bedding, and masks can be easily ironed and steamed – all without the use of chemicals.

LAURASTAR Dry Steam is the perfect solution to purify and beautify all textiles in your house.


Being in close quarters all day can have its disadvantages. Whenever you touch or stand next to someone who is sick, you might bring home undesirable guests such as COVID-19 or other germs.

Luckily, there is a simple solution: Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS). How does it work? With a non-chemical super-heated steam, certified by EPA approved labs. The power of the steam as it leaves the iron allows it to penetrate textiles uniformly and effectively –killing 99.9% of all germs in textiles. Scientific tests were carried out by Scitec lab in Switzerland and a US Laboratory specialized in the testing of disinfectants, sanitizers, antimicrobial devices.

That’s not all. Laurastar DMS does not leave fabric damp, it sets fibers in place so that your clothes are perfectly ironed and thoroughly beautified. 


Bacteria, viruses, or mites are inactivated by heat. Generally, a temperature of 250°F is used for complete sterilization. The proteins and nuclei acids are denatured at high temperature and the viruses get inactivated, meaning they are unable to infect or replicate. (The intensity and duration of heat needed to deactivate the virus depends on the virus.) A simple and effective way to protect yourself from germs is the chemical-free use of Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS). This technique is ideal for sanitizing fabrics that cannot be washed at high temperatures, such as fine linens, polyester, or silk clothing. For people with allergies, who must limit the proliferation of these microorganisms as much as possible, ironing is a mandatory step. Investing in a LAURASTAR iron can save you a considerable amount of time and energy.

How it works?

  1. Laurastar steam is generated in the boiler. The steam is heated to 284°F with a pressure of 50psi. By superheating the steam, it transforms into gas/steam.
  2. Once the steam gets into the iron it is reheated again. That’s where it is transformed into micro fine water molecules in a gaseous state - all the vapor has now been transformed into steam. We call it dry because it no longer contains any water in liquid form.
  3. The dry steam exits trough the small holes of the iron with a speed of 50 ft/s! This allows the water molecules to penetrated deep into textiles and the energy within each molecule to kill all germs.