When the temperature starts to rise, we immediately want to dress lighter. Nobody wants to walk along the beach in a down jacket but this doesn't mean you shouldn't be your polished self. A little elegance, and bingo! The sun won’t be the only one that shines. It's time to get out our linen shirts and trousers, a high-quality material that’s airy and loose-fitting. It's also the strongest fiber that exists. It’s highly resistant and can last a very long time without losing its shape or pilling. Even wrinkly, linen is chic. But this is no reason for not ironing it.

Scarves are another must-have to make your summer evenings as beautiful as your journey to India or Africa, where they are created by local artisans. It's now or never if you're going to get them out. But how do you keep the colors from running and staining your clothes?

And finally, there's printed t-shirts, the true stars of summer. You know the ones that go everywhere with you, forever it seems. But how do you iron them so that they make it through more vacations to come?


Did you know that washing linen leaves it more supple? Before wearing your linen clothing for the first time, ideally, you should let it soak overnight in cold water, and then machine-wash it on a warm wash cycle. Linen air-dries quickly, so use the gentlest spin cycle. Then hang and air dry the clothing. When ironing, no need to worry. Just use the Laurastar Smart or Laurastar Lift's powerful steam, which will also purify your favorite clothing.


Certain types of cotton clothes have very delicate dyes, especially ethnic clothing from Africa or Asia. These types of fabric can be of very good quality, but their dyes aren't always set. You’ll need to test them before washing. To do this, dampen a clean white cloth, and gently rub it on a spot on the back of the fabric or in an inconspicuous place. If the cloth comes away stained with color, you’ll have to set the color. Immerse the fabric in a bowl of water and white vinegar, and allow it to sit overnight. Rinse it thoroughly the next day, and check to see if the dye is set using the same technique with the white cloth. If the fabric’s color still runs, repeat the process as many times as necessary.


In summer, you can certainly skip ironing your t-shirts. However, if you have nightmares even thinking about walking around in a wrinkled t-shirt, which is understandable, the ideal solution is to use a Laurastar ironing system. Just use the protective soleplate. Its special coating reduces heat and protects dark fabrics and delicate, sensitive materials from developing shiny patches. That's all there is to it. No more need to iron around prints or turn t-shirts inside-out!