Spring is for light outfits. Summer is for eye-catching colors. But what outfits do you like to wear in the fall? It’s time to get out your scarves and boots as well as those golden brown shades that look so good on you... let’s discover this season’s trends! At Laurastar, we like to give you tips on how to rock a daring autumn look, be colorful, experiment with fabrics, wear accessories and most importantly, stay stylish. Get ready for autumn!

TIP NO. 1:


Store windows are highlighted by clothes that are on-trend for the upcoming season. A cozy selection of deep browns, golds, greens and reds, add a touch of warmth during the autumn months. Meanwhile, those who stick to grey, black and navy blue will be left green with envy when they see your colorful looks.


TIP NO. 2:


As the days get shorter, the nights also get longer, but your outfit will continue to shine wherever you go! And when the temperatures drop, your knitwear will give off a look of comfortable elegance. But you can be even more daring! From leather to velvet, padding to pleats, bold block colors to leopard prints and sequins to spangles, you can choose whatever you want!


TIP NO. 3:


An outfit is much more than a piece of clothing. It’s a carefully put together work of art. Get out your boots, style your bun with a scarf, wrap up your hands in cute gloves, match your outfit with a flattering hat, sport some energy bracelets, and show off your belt: go for a look that enhances your incredible figure!


TIP NO. 4:


Being fashionable is not just about what you have in your wardrobe. It’s also the image we have of ourselves, the impression we want to give off and the care we take. Your self-esteem is at play, as well as the time you spend on it. From shopping to putting together your outfit, organizing your wardrobe to taking care of your clothes, and steaming or ironing with the help of your Laurastar: find the perfect result for a flawless look. Don’t forget to give yourself a once over in the mirror before you leave the house to appreciate your appearance fully.

You can push the boundaries of fashion and enjoy it at the same time! Your unique flair will save you from committing any faux pas. And the rest is up to you!


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